Кожный абсцесс у собаки, вызванный Corynebacterium lactis


«Occurrence of cutaneous abscess in a dog include C. lactis among emerging pathogens. The definitive identification of C. lactis was only achieved by molecular methods.»

Many new, emerging and re-emerging diseases of humans are caused by pathogens which originate from animals or products of animal origin. lactis, a recently described species of the genus Corynebacterium, was first isolated from milk of asymptomatic cows. In the present study a cutaneous abscess caused by C. lactis in a dog was recognized by cytologic and histologic examination in addition to 16S rRNA gene analysis of the microorganism. Therefore, C. lactis should be included among other bacterial species recognized as emerging pathogens for companion animals.

Авторы: João Marcelo Azevedo de Paula Antunes et al. Reference.

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